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profile image: picrew
bg image: if someone knows, please tell me

Name: Moonshine Meriadoc
Nickname: Moonie
Bday: June 20
Astrology: Gemini / Cancer cusp
Chinese Zodiac: Water Monkey
Enneagram: Type 8 - The Challenger
Temperament: Choleric

Color: Teal, Pink, Orange
Food: Authentic Mexican & Chinese
Fruit: Papaya, Fig, Avocado
Season: Autumn
Drink: Coffee (Iced & Hot)
Fashion: Mori Gyaru & Himekaji (but more casual), Goth, Formal
Musician: Modest Mouse, Juanes, Miley Cyrus, CocoRosie, Loretta Lynn
Music Genre: Pop, Spanish, JPop, Outlaw Country
Movie: The 5th Element
Movie Genre: Horror
Animal: Lemurs, Cats, Goats
Video Game: Persona, Animal Crossing, The Sims
Video Game Genre: JRPG, Simulation, Visual Novels, Single Player RPGs
Random Stuff: Muppets, Sesame Street, The Simpsons, Journaling, Baking, Cozy mysteries, Thrift shopping, Falling asleep in the sunlight, Messing around on stupid websites like this

Color: Pastel Yellow, Purple
Food: Americanized Japanese
Fruit: Melons
Season: Summer
Drink: Sweet Tea
Fashion: Sweatpants or PJs out in public, Emo & Scene (is that even still a thing?)
Musician: ?? So many
Music Genre: Most radio rap & pop
Movie: ?? No idea
Movie Genre: Romance, RomComs, Anything overly political
Animal: Bugs & Insects
Video Game: ?? I don't usually play games I don't like
Video Game Genre: Battle Royale, MMOs, War games
Random Stuff: Customer service jobs, People with no social skills, My in-laws, Folding laundry, Reality TV (unless it's a cooking show), People who let their dogs eat after them or lick their face