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These are all OCs from fanfictions I've been working on, or plan to work on someday.

Ming Zhu "Malibu" Li | Stardew Valley
♡ Shane
A Chinese-American young woman who used to work a dead-end job at an office until her grandpa left her Michi Farm. She moved to Stardew Valley, and along with her cat Minty and her favorite chicken Chongus, runs Michi Farm in her grandfather's honor.
Picrew © here
Moonshine "Moonie" Meriadoc | Animal Crossing
Moonie, the prior mayor of Snail Village, a mysterious town plagued by religious zealots and alien abductions, decided to move away to an island to escape her troubles. Now on MoonPie Island, as the Representative, she lives in peace with her new animal buddies.
Picrew © here
Melba Callahan "Merla Rook" | Far Cry 5
♡ Joseph Seed, Sharky Boshaw
A rookie Deputy in Hope County, Montana who helps a renegade group fight back against an abusive cult - Eden's Gate. However, "Merla Rook" is hiding some things about her past and her connections to Joseph Seed, the Father of the cult.
Picrew © here
Irmagerd "Irma" Germaine | Fallout 4
♡ Saul Jonfield Danse, Porter Gage
A woman who worked for the government as a research scientist. She helped develop the virus, which is what led to the war between the U.S. and China, causing nuclear destruction. Because her knowledge was needed, she was brought back as a Gen 4 Synth - one with real human memories, to help The Institute. However, after being reborn, she suffers amnesia and escapes into the wasteland, leading to many wild adventures.
Picrew © here
Mindi Ahlgren "Athena" | Fallout New Vegas
♡ Silus
A courier in the Mojave who gets involved with a turf war between a number of crazy factions. She is later abducted and experimented on, turning her into a cyborg. She uses this to her advantage and takes over The Legion under the guise of Caesar's replacement - the Goddess Athena.
Picrew © here
Leto Wilder | The 10th Kingdom
♡ Warren Walter Wolfson II "Wolfie"
Leto, a human from the 10th Kingdom, gets wrapped up in the disapperance of Virginia Lewis and Wolf, the parents of a cute boy she meets after a bad night at work. She travels with him to the 9 Kingdoms and must face foes and challenges that she thought were only real in fairy tales.
Picrew © here
Yuma "Yuyu" Dodge | Persona 4
♡ Tohru Adachi
In this non-supernatural, genderbent, and Americanized telling of Persona 4, Yuma has to stay with her uncle and cousin in South Dakota during her college years because her parents are off on an archaeological expedition. While there she joins a group of junior detectives known as the Investigation Team and must solve some murders that have been happening in her uncle's usually quiet town.
Picrew © here
Brenna "Ren" Amado | Persona 5
♡ Adrian Graham
Also in a genderbent, Americanized retelling of Persona 5 (this time, still supernatural) Ren is sent to stay with a family friend in NYC during a probationary period after physically assaulting someone. She gains the ability to "change people's hearts" and must use this new power to fight corruption.
Picrew © here
Luna Mondschein Kasutori | Persona 6
Luna, a half-Japanese American girl, decides to go visit her family in Japan (who her father doesn't associate with) while trying to figure out what to do with her life. There she meets other young individuals who don't want to accept societies definition of what it means to be an adult. Together they team up to change that definition and create their own futures.
Picrew © here
Moira March & Dalia Harst | Cirque Du Freak
Otherwise known as "The Twins of Destiny" - daughters of Evanna, Vancha March, and Gannen Harst. They are powerful deity-like vampiric creatures and have been kidnapped by someone. Vampire General Darius Shan and werewolf Rowena Grady are hired to find them.
Picrew © here