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Welcome to my webpage! I’m Moonshine (otherwise known as “Moonie”) and you can learn more about me by using the links to the side.

Unfortunately, I don't update this site much, but the updates I do make, you can find below. I made this site because I miss my early days of web-design, so this is where I get my fix.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from in the world, thank you for visiting my site! Sign the guestbook if you'd like!

💙 feeling restless
🎵 listening to "Down Low" Alex Winston
🎮 playing The Outer Worlds
📖 reading "The Reaping" by Bernard Taylor
🍴 drinking n/a

06/03/21 - Finally finished the new layout that I've been working on. Out with The Simpsons, in with... whatever this is. A more personalized space, I guess? I added a guest book, some new pages, and an "Enter" splash page.