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Digimon Adventure - Mimi Tachikawa

I didn't used to like Mimi when I was a kid because she's the airhead, but now as an adult I love her. She's so cute and I love her cowgirl-chic look!
Digimon Adventure - Palmon

Palmon reminds me of one of my cats and I love, love, love her raspy little voice (in both Japanese and English)! I think she's the best partner in Adventure.
Digimon Adventure - Joe Kido

Same situation with Joe as with Mimi. I didn't like him growing up because I thought he was whiney, but as an adult I appreciate his paranoia and neuroticism. He's adorable.
Digimon Zero Two - Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya

He's a certifiable dumbass, but he's got a great personality. I totally had a crush on him when I was like 2nd grade (embarassing but true). Plus he's got a rockin' jacket!
Digimon Tamers - Impmon

If I were gonna have a Digimon partner with an already established Digimon, it'd be this little gremlin ♡ I'm an imp at heart and love to cause trouble, even though I'm not really a bad person. We're made to be partners!
Digimon Tamers - Beelzemon

You can't have Impmon without Beelzemon. I don't know if I'd want him as a partner, or if I want to be him. He's so badass!
Tokyo Mew Mew - Kish / Quiche

Kish was definitely my first magical girl charater crush. Maybe it's because he looks like a cat? Anyways, I always daydreamed of being abducted by an alien like Kish when I was in middle school (I was a loser lol).
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Van Hohenheim

I love this show with my whole heart, but Hohenheim is my #1 favorite part... I loved his backstory and he may have been a not so great dad, but he had his own issues to deal with.
Azumanga Daioh - Chiyo ChiChi (Chiyo's dad)

I don't know why, but I always liked this dude For my 14th birthday I even made my own cake and it was shaped like him!
Azumanga Daioh - Yukari Tanizaki

Even when I was a kid, Yukari reminded me of myself. Then one day I grew up and taught English (which I no longer do), but then she really reminded me of myself...!

Western Animation

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Aang

I love Aang so much because he and I are very different (mostly because he's a pacifist and I'm not). I can really appreciate and respect that, plus I love his funloving spirit!
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Azula

One of my favorite villains ever. I felt so bad for her, but while everyone argued she deserved a redemption arc, I think I like her staying a bad girl.
The Legend of Korra - Zaheer

Also a wonderful villain. Zaheer represents anarchy and the destruction of those in power, which is something I can get behind. He murdered the Earth Queen using her own breath!!! So cool! And he was badass enough to reach true enlightenment!
The Simpsons - Bart Simpson

The only cool Simpson. Everyone treats him like a dumbass when he's really just a restless boy. I honestly think he's the most clever of his entire family. He also reminds me of my husband, so maybe that's why I like him so much!
King of the Hill - Kahn Souphanousinphone

This guy is such an asshole and I love it. He's an analyst and he's bipolar, so essentially he's a yuppie Asian version of myself. I don't like how much he pushes his daughter, but I do think he's hilarious!

Live Action TV / Movies

Ozark - Ben Davis

One of the best representations of a bipolar character who isn't portrayed as a psychopath (other than Kahn). He reminds me of myself, not only does he look like a male me, but he was also a teacher at one point and he's from the South!
Orphan Black - Allison Hendrix

The best of the ladies on Orphan Black - the suburban, drug-dealing, soccer mom who will cut you if you get in her way. Also she's friends with Michael Mando's character.
Dark - Claudia Tiedemann

The only person with a damn brain in this entire TV show. I mean, I loved most of the other characters, but Claudia never gave up on finding the truth. Plus, she dresses really cool in the 80s.
BBC Merlin - Merlin "Emrys"

Colin Morgan did such a great job as a young Merlin who went from a naive country boy to the most powerful wizard in the world! He has such a sad story. This show and his character will go down in history as my favorite versions in history!
The 5th Element - Leeloo

My first girl crush growing up. This is my favorite movie of all time and I even tried to dye my hair orange when I was a kid so I could look like her (I could never get it to look right).
The Muppets - Miss Piggy

The baddest bitch of all the Muppets. I love her fashion sense and her attitude. I don't believe she's good for Kermit, but she's still my favorite Muppet.


W.I.T.C.H. - Cedric

The only sexy reptilian on Earth. He's a pretty boy with long blonde hair and he runs a bookstore (when he's in his human guise). He's also a romantic guy deep down and his girlfriend is part cat (or something like that). I love him.
W.I.T.C.H. - Irma Lair

Even back when I was a little angsty pisspot, Irma, the jokester "dummy" of the group was my favorite. She represents the element of water, and I feel like I read somewhere that she's Hispanic. She's the reason I love the name Irma.
Nightmares & Fairy Tales - Annabelle

A fictional representation of the "cursed doll" Annabelle. She's way cuter in the comic than she is in real life (as a Raggedy Anne doll), plus she's sweet and not evil. I've always wanted a real doll of her... Maybe one day!


Cirque Du Freak - Darren Shan

The main character of the series (named after the author). While he did a lot of stupid things during the early books, I blame it on him being a kid. I liked reading about him and his journey way better than reading Harry Potter.
Cirque Du Freak - Larten Crepsley

If only I could have a mentor like Larten. He was a wonderful father figure for Darren and he's just so grumpy and adorable. Even in death may he be triumphant *sob*
Cirque Du Freak - Harkat Mulds

A little person with super powers. Well, not officially, but he was super amazing and a great friend to Darren. His backstory was an awesome twist too in my opinion. Everyone needs a little gray skinned demon zombie who eats flesh in their lives.
Cirque Du Freak - Gannen Harst

We don't get a lot of Gannen in the series, but we can all agree that he makes a good babysitter. I love his brother, but I like him better. I have a soft spot for pretty boys (obviously), and I really wish we had some information about his future with Darius, Evanna, and Vancha.
Abarat - Candy Quackenbush

While I don't have heterochromia like Candy, I was 100% disillusioned with my life as a teen the same way she was. Her mom and dad even remind me of mine. I'm so glad they haven't made a movie out of this yet, I love her so much I don't know who would be good enough to play her.
Abarat - Malingo

Definitely, totally, 100% Candy's boyfriend (even though this isn't who she's actually dating in the book right now *sob*). Malingo is so damn cute, despite being insanely whiney, he's got a heart of gold!

Video Games

Far Cry 4 - Pagan Min

Who the hell doesn't love Pagan? Why wasn't there an option to really join up with him? The Golden Path sucked. Pagan is the only real option!
Far Cry 5 - Joseph Seed

He may have been schizophrenic, but it makes me feel even more sad for him as a person. I think, despite his villainous deeds, he really did believe that he was trying to get people closer to salvation.
Far Cry 5 - Charlemagne "Sharky" Boshaw

I have no idea how to describe Sharky other than ridiculous. I can't stand that he's a furry (gross), but I do like that he has no filter and is basically a 12 year old hellion in the body of a 30-something year old man.
Persona 4 Golden - Tohru Adachi

Back before I played this game I thought I hated Adachi, but after playing and getting a sense as to why he thinks the world is shit, I felt sympathetic towards him. I do believe he's a true sadist, but I also just think he's neat.
Persona 4 Golden - Nanako Dojima

Actually I love Nanako in all the Persona games she's featured in. She is so damn cute! I really hope they put her in a future installment of the game as a teen. That would be so cool!
Persona 5 Royal - Goro Akechi

I hated him the first time I played the game, then realized he and I have a lot of similarities in our childhood. Kinda like Joseph from FC5, I think he really believed he was doing good, despite commiting mass murder.
Persona 5 Royal - Ryuji Sakamoto

I love this loud-mouth so much. He's not as bad of a boy as he looks, he's got a good heart, but a punk's spirit. He also reminds me of my husband.
Persona 5 Royal - Morgana "Mona"

I know that he's one of the most disliked characters in Persona history, but I don't care, I do really love him! I even named one of my cats after him. The only thing I don't like is when he's an asshole to Ryuji.
Persona 5 Royal - Haru Okumura

While everyone else argues over who's the "best girl" between Makoto and Futaba, I'm over here choosing Haru. I love her aesthetic, her cute voice, and the fact that he can garden and wants to own a cafe. Best girl!!
Persona 5 Royal - Takuto Maruki

Snack man! I didn't expect to like him so much, but he's also a great villain (without actually being a true villain). I also like that he actually changed in the end and learned a good lesson. I wish they'd put him in a future game too!
Tales of Symphonia - Zelos Wilder

I never knew that the first JRPG I ever played would have a character that would stick with me for so long. I don't think I'd get along with him if he were real, but I like him as a character. Plus, he has one of the best quotes in all entirity - "I just want a fun, easy life. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less."